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Why Mona has 47kW of power - equivalent to a small car

Let me state the obvious: biological muscles are amazing. Their low inertia, their quiet operation, and - which is what we focus on here - they have a high peak torque at low speed and a high peak speed.

Electric motors are amazing too. You can get much higher power/weight and they can maintain large torque as you go to higher speeds.

The peak power of an actuator is the largest square you can fit under the torque(speed)

power = torque * speed

You could emulate a muscle with motor B which has the same peak power. But then you would end up with much less peak torque at a standstill and much less peak speed.

To match the peak torque and peak speed of the muscle, we have to choose a motor with a much higher peak power.

Mona reaches human peak torque and peak speed performance and hence her total power is a staggering 47kW.

Note: The torque-speed curves can be shifted by gearing and we chose the gearing of Mona such that the curves intersect the peak torque and peak speed points of human muscles.

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